The Plan

A plan for action

I would be lying if I said I knew how this will all unfold. This process can be organic and will vary from city to city. While one city may choose to commission an artist, designer, or professional agency, others may call for entries from the whole world. I agree with the latter of the two.

Artists, designers, musicians, architects, chefs, organizers, and influencers. No matter the medium, our city is filled with creativity. That’s why we intend to facilitate a call for entries. After all, a city is made up of its people, and those people deserve a voice in all matters. The matter of our city’s flag is no exception.

Before we get there, we need the support of the community. That means you! In order for the city to adopt a new flag, they must first know the citizens want a new flag. The best way to do this is by submitting flag designs.

Currently, we are only taking flag submissions and no voting has begun. However, soon I’m going to update the site or provide a way for people to vote on which flags they like best. If you submit a flag, then I will put your flag on the website with your name (anonymous if you like) and a brief description.

Once we have enough support and flags submitted, then I can get a petition signed and take it to city council.